Alexander's Greatness

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Alexander's Greatness


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Alexander's Greatness

Alexander’s Greatness is a replica bronze coin necklace cast from a real ancient Greek coin from the time of Alexander the Great.   The necklace comes with a 24″ (61 cm) sterling silver chain, and is great way to remember that the past is not that far behind us.

– Bronze replica coin with 24″ (61 cm) sterling silver chain
– Canadian grown Edelweiss flower in a plastic case


$99.00 $89.00

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Alexander’s Greatness is to commemorate the first time a European nation would rise to undisputed world supremacy.  In less than ten years, the young Hellenics nations would conquer the known world and transform the ancient East for the rest of time.

While Alexander was at his height of power, he would died suddenly and never rule over the lands he had conquered.  Instead, his closest friends and generals would divided the lands among themselves and plunge the world into hundreds of years of civil war, making the Greeks an easy target for the younger upcoming Roman Empire.

Alexander the Great did not only transform the ancient far East, but the entire world for all the generations to come.  The great city of Alexandria, which stood as one of the main centers of knowledge, will forever remind us of this great Macedonian Greek conqueror and how the last dynasty to ever rule over Egypt were the Hellenic Greek Ptolemaic dynasty.

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